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Welcome to our new blog article. In every blog article, we try to share some knowledge or some useful tricks to you so that you can learn something, or increase your knowledge. In this article we are going to share you a useful but paid video editing software called “Wondershare filmora x”. This is a high quality powerful video editing tool and also used as alternate software of “Adobe Premiere pro”.

Wondershare filmora company have launched 2 version of video editing software of their own. The first version is “Wondershare filmora IX” and the second one is “Wondershare filmore x”. Though all of the versions have a free version, but free version has many type of problems and contains watermark or other problems. But in this article, we are going to share you the premium version for free of cost and you will get rid of using free version of this software.

So let’s started…………….


What is Filmora

Filmora is powerful video editing software by wondershare company. There are millions of users of it and most of the users are using free version of this software. The users are highly satisfied with it. I hope you will not get disappointed using this software.

Features of Filmora X

There are many features in this software for editing videos professionally. If you try to make a list of its features, the list will become so big. So I am giving the main features of this software.

Some of the features of this software are-

  1. VFX- If you work on VFX or you need to add some VFX in your video, then I recommend you to use this software. I hope this will not disappoint you.
  2. Green Screen – If you work on green screen or you make videos with green screen and you have to remove the green colors from your video, then this powerful tool can help you very much. You can also adjust the green screen offset, tolerance, thickness and more.
  3. The video editing interface is easy to use and all the tools are in front of you. You don’t need to find it and it will not consume your time much!!
  4. Video stabilization- Videos which are recorded in hand or if you record video while you are running and your video is not stabilized properly then this video editing tool can help you to make your video stabilize.
  5. Importing Videos- It is very easy to import videos in it for edit. You can drag and drop your video from explorer to this.
  6. Color correction- This is very important tool for video editing. Videos are recorded in different type of devices and different places. So there color looks different and it doesn’t make your videos so good. This tool can help you to correct the color mistakes of your videos.
  7. Color grading- For making professional videos, sometimes you have to change some colors or sometimes you need to highlight some colors of your video. This is a very important thing for creating good videos. This tool is now on filmora for your help.
  8. Detaching Audio- You may need to detach audio from your video in some cases. Filmora also contains this tool. You can edit the audio a little bit from this software.
  9. Audio effects- There are some built in audio effects in filmora. So you don’t need to download audio effect from internet in most of the time.
  10. Effects- This software contains many video effect built in to make your videos more attractable.


Problems of free version

There are many problems of free version of wodershare filmora.

The main problem is watermark. Nobody wants that there remains watermark of others in his/her videos. But the free version of filmora contains watermark of there software. This is very annoying.


In free version, you cannot use some amazing effects and many kinds of editing tools which are very important.


Video rendering is very slow in free version.

There are also many problems in free version. Don’t waste time to see the problems of free version, use our time to fix the problems of free version and getting the premium version.

Installing premium version

So let’s start to install the premium version.

Warning if you just download the software and ignore this article than you will not be able use the premium version because you have to do some settings which are shown in this article. So read it carefully.

At first download the zip file from this download option

Then unzip it in a folder in your computer.

You will see an interface like this-

Then double click on – “filmora_64bit_full846.exe” and install the software. But don’t open it.


Then open the folder “Crack”

And you will see an interface like this-

After opening the crack folder, copy all the files except the host patcher.

Then go to location where you have installed filmora_64bit_full846.exe and past the files there.

Past the files here that you have copied from crack.


And our work is finished. Now click on the “Wondershare Filmora X.exe” and your software is ready to launch now. Now you will be able to use this software without any problems and any type of watermark or paid subscription. I hope you like this article and you will be able to install filmora x after following all the steps I have showed here.


Is this safe

When we install or download a crack software, the first question come to our mind that is  this safe, or it may contain malware or viruses that cause harm to our device. If you thing like this for downloading this software, then be relax and install it. It is completely virus free and feel free to use.

If you still have question in mind then upload it to virus checker website and check if it contains any type of viruses. And I am 100% assure that this software is completely virus free.


Thanks for reading this article. Please see other articles in our website, you may find useful things for your knowledge or other cracked software like this one. Visit our website regularly to enhance your knowledge or getting more software.


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