Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI technology is a system that has the ability to understand its environment and take action as its environment that increase chances to fulfill a work or a target.

About it

Artificial intelligence is a system displayed by machines and applications of different types of operating systems. For this system, now day’s machines are act like humans. In this system, machines take actions at different circumstances that increase the chances of reaching its goal. It keeps an important role in every sector of technology.


It includes some major functions that help to complete a work. Google search engines, getting recommended settings for user, monitoring human activities and understanding its speech and more.

Goals of AI

AI or artificial intelligence is centered on different goals and creating/fulfill/using of particular tools. Major goals of is knowledge representation, planning, learning, making a work easy, problem solving and more.  Mainly the thought of AI has come from solving problems.  The creation of AI is based on search and mathematical optimization, formal logic artificial neural networks and different methods of statistics, probability and economics.

Future of AI

The future of AI may be very dangerous or also come to many help of humans. But we are expecting the good side of it. In present, people are passing many problems in study or job. The AI may come to help of us. It may be seen that we are eating coffee and our important work are running by AI. It will help us to solve problems in our study including mathematical problems and help to learn many critical things easily. It will be a great source of learning worldwide. It will make our work easy and doing it in less time.


But there are bad sides also. In some of movies we see that robots are destroying our resources, killing humans. There is possibility that AI will be responsible for much destruction.

AI makes our work easier, so people will be lazy and our skills will be decrease.


What can we do to avoid bad sides of AI

At first we all have to aware about AI. We have to learn how to use. After learning the uses of AI we will know about the misuses of it. We should never misuse of this technology.  Technology makes our life easier; we shouldn’t do anything that it causes of destruction. The bad sides depend on our uses, so we have to use it carefully. We shouldn’t depend on it as much that we cannot lead our life without it. We should not use it limitlessly.

History of Artificial Intelligence(AI)

Modern AI was started growing from the classical philosophers. They attempted to explain the pattern and process of human brain thinking in mechanical way. This work started culminated when the “programmable digital computer” invented.  This was invented around 1940.  This is a machine that based on mathematical reasoning. After the invention of programmable digital computer, scientists started thinking about AI. Then they started discussing about electronics brain and the seeds of modern AI started planting.

AI research was started in a workshop held in “Dartmouth college” campus, USA during their summer vacation on 1956. They thought that a machine which is as intelligent  as a human will be invented in no more than a generation and they were given millions dollars to make this vision come true.

In 1973, the commercial developers and researchers underestimated the difficulty of it and the government stopped funding undirected research into artificial intelligence. As a result, more than 6 years, the research about AI has stopped. This is called the “AI winter”.


After 7 years, the Japanese government tried to inspire industries and other governments to start research about AI and provide it with billions of dollars. But the investors started investing after 80’s became disillusioned and withdraw their funding.

After 21 century vision of AI come true and now it is used by many websites and android or other os application.


Some off topic  word

Simply AI is a mechanical brain which acts like a human brain and able to solve critical problem and can take decision off its own thinking. It has the ability to generate unique ideas and creative thinking.  If you like this article, please take a visit to our other articles in our website


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