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Welcome to a new article in our blog. Hope you are doing well by the good grace of almighty Allah. In this tutorial, we are going to learn about content marketing and some tips to write good content.

At first we have to know what content marketing is.


What is Content Marketing

Content marketing is creating content through fine planning and creativity and promoting it to the target customers. In present days, content is the main topic of digital marketing. Content has become the centerpiece of digital marketing these days. Cause, without creating a good content, it is impossible to reach customers with just doing promotion. If content is not relevant, it will not be effective on any media.   It is being used as a marketing tool in every sector of blogs , YouTube channels, websites, social medias etc.

Why content marketing is important

It doesn’t matter what you promote, everything needs content. Whether you post on social media or create an blog article or create video on YouTube and marketing it.

People don’t like ads these days. Nowadays, people use ads blocker. So they don’t click ads and you cannot attract customers. So the only way to attract customers is making good content.

So we can tell that content marketing is the main thing of digital marketing.

  • Content marketing plays an important roll to aware people about your product or service.
  • Customer may face problems using your product. So you have to tell them how to fix it. For this, content marketing is a must.
  • To increase your brand value and making a regular customer, content marketing is a must.
  • Ads, email marketing, YouTube videos everything needs an attractive content.
  • A good content can a make visitor to customer.


Content strategy and marketing strategies

Every company use content. So which content will get popularity, it depends on content strategy and marketing tricks.


Making contents according to audience preferences

Which type of contents audience like, which type of contents audience most share on social media, which type of contents audience want,

You have to keep them mind to create content.

Creating contents by researching

You have to create a unique and good content but the content should accordingly to audience preferences.

So for that, you have to research about the content you are going to create. Otherwise it will going to the main cause of your loss.

You can follow this  tips to create contents-

  • Doing lot of content research, you have to get idea about the content.
  • You have to find out the missing things and aspect/deficiencies of existing content.
  • You can follow good content creators to take ideas about content.
  • The main thing you have to do is, keyword researching and find the best content which is most wanted by visitors.


Doing Analytics

For making a good content, you must analytics. For this you may use Google analytics or Facebook analytics. Then you will understand which type of contents is acceptable to audience.


Make SEO friendly content

This is the most important thing for creating content. If your content does not appear on search engines, it will waste to make content. So you have to optimize your contents in search engines.

In that case, you may need to do keyword research.


Create Quality Content

You have to create quality content; otherwise user will not accept it and your content will become spoiled.

You should not copy contents from others. Otherwise your content will not rank on search engines and customers will not accept it.

Content title and Meta description should be attractive.

You should use enough pictures or videos so that the content stand out.

Content should be clean looking but attractive design.


Market segmentation(Segment)

There are many types of content. From them, some of the contents for children’s, some of them is for only boys or girls. Different type of contents needs to create for different people. Cause if the content is for children’s then it will not acceptable to others. You have to keep in mind this thing.

Content strategy and types of content marketing

Content marketing is being used as an effective way for every type of companies. Proper use of talent is necessary for creating good contents. Now comes the question, how to become successful content creator and which is the best way to become a successful content creator.


Marketing can be done with different type of contents. But you have to keep in mind that, which platform is more acceptable to visitors. We will discuss about different platforms of content marketing. In online, there are many platforms-

  • Social media.
  • Blogs
  • Emails
  • Infographics
  • Podcast
  • E-book
  • Presentation
  • Product description


Social media content

Almost 360 corers people use social media in present. The demands of content is different in different social medias. For example, the demand of viral content is highest on facebook. For that you need to know basic social media marketing.

Blog content

There is no alternate of blog to share detailed information. Blog posts should be such that visitors get educational, informative and product related information etc. Keep in mind that , blog is such a platform that can make a visitor to customer. Blogs strengthen a company’s customer relationship and increase brand value.


After publishing the content to social media, it need to share on various social media.


Video Content

Needless to say, now day’s people are more interested to watch video content more than reading articles and blogs. Video is famous than any other mediums. In YouTube, 1 million hours videos are viewed on YouTube every day.



Infographics can visualize data more than words, videos or article. Tables, charts, graphs etc. are example of infographics. There is no alternate of infographics to present the whole content to infographics.



So dear friends, I hope you like today’s post. If you like it, of course, but please comment. And there are many more helpful articles like this on our site. If you want to read them, visit our  site once. And goodbye here like today, stay well and stay healthy.




























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