The Definitive Guide to Choosing the Best Eyelash Extensions for You

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Eyelash extensions are popular among women who want longer, thicker lashes without the need to apply mascara or fake eyelashes every day. Eyelash extensions can add definition to your eyes and make you look more refreshed in your everyday life, so if you’re considering them, this guide will help you make an informed decision. 

It’s essential to find a good marketplace such as Beauty Sourcing, where listed best-qualified eyelash extensions from premium manufacturers. Keep reading to learn about factors you should consider when deciding which eyelash extensions are best for you!

First, What exactly are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are essentially fake lashes that are glued to your natural lashes to give you longer, fuller-looking lashes. They come in different lengths, thicknesses, colors, and materials. 

You can choose to have a complete set, which usually takes about 2 hours, or a partial set, which generally takes about 1 hour. Lash extensions can last anywhere from 3-8 weeks before they need to be touched up. It is not advised to get lash extensions if you wear contact lenses because they may irritate your eyes. If you decide to go ahead with them anyway, then make sure to remove your contacts before getting them done. 

You should also not use mascara when getting lash extensions because it could clog up the glue and ruin them before they’re even applied.

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Your Guide to Choosing the Best Eyelash Extensions:

  • First, you need to decide what look you’re going for.

 Do you want a natural look or something more dramatic? 

  • If you have sensitive skin, pick an option that won’t irritate your skin. Synthetic or mink? 

There are pros and cons to both. Synthetic lashes are usually less expensive, but they don’t last as long as mink lashes. Mink lashes are made from real fur, so they’re not vegan-friendly. 

  • Think about the manufacturer itself. 

Please make sure they’re reputable and are experienced in producing quality eyelash extensions. You should also find out if they carry any products that will improve the health of your lashes while you wait. The next step is figuring out which type of extensions you want: 

Full (every individual lash), individual (a few here and there), or strip (thicker and fuller). 

  • From there, figure out how often you plan on maintaining them

Take into account your lifestyle. If you’re active and don’t have a lot of time to keep your lashes, you’ll want to choose a more durable option

If you can’t do it every day as the professionals do, consider options that are easy to remove at home. There are lots of tutorials online to help with removal techniques! 

  • Finally, consider your budget. 

Most people start with synthetic options because they are cheaper than mink lashes.

 Therapy to know what type of lashes will work best for you is by doing some research. Different types may require additional maintenance practices, so before purchasing, ask questions! 

BeautySourcing Eyelash Extensions

Beauty Sourcing: Your Go-to Marketplace

Finding a reliable supplier would be beneficial while looking for eyelash extensions. This is because you want to ensure that the eyelash you purchase is high-quality and durable. Eyelash extensions can be purchased from many different manufacturers, but not all of them are created equal.

To make things easier for you, Beauty Sourcing has put together trusted suppliers from the top manufacturers. BeautySourcing was created explicitly for the makeup industry. Each supplier is carefully chosen by the company, which looks for manufacturers with more than ten years of experience operating in the cosmetics sector.

It is also a market for lateral business-to-business transactions. The platform can keep up with the most recent developments in cosmetics trends.

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