How to Live More Eco-Friendly

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With the ever-increasing cost of living, knowing ways we can become more environmentally friendly and conscious – and in turn reduce our bills, is essential! Not only is aiming to lower our carbon footprint good for the planet, it can also benefit us as individuals and aid our local community. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways in which we can live more eco-friendly lives!

3 Easy Ways to Live More Eco-Friendly

Improve Our Homes

From installing heat pumps to solar panels and biodegradable household items – there are plenty of ways that we can upgrade our homes to be more environmentally friendly. Begin at your front door and work your way around your home, examining to see if there are any areas in which heat could be escaping from your home. If so, try to repair any gaps and ensure you have sufficient insulation, as escaping heat wastes money and is bad for the environment, as you will need to use more heat than needed. Aim to switch out household items to biodegradable or reusable ones. For example, using glass tubberware instead of single use plastic to store food in, is a great way of making small but effective changes to how eco-friendly your home is.

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Shop Locally

Shopping locally has experienced a major increase in popularity, especially during the pandemic. Since lockdown, 69% of us are now visiting local retailers more frequently than ever before, with independent retailers seeing a huge increase in sales and brand loyalty. If you shop locally, not only are you helping to support the local economy and generate jobs for the community, but you are also buying local produce and keep businesses going throughout these tough times. Often, quality bargains can be picked up locally and you may get more for your money – whilst helping to save the environment. Locally made products don’t need to traverse the country, this reduces the carbon footprint of the item, making it much better for the environment and businesses.

Drive Less 

This may be a difficult one for many of us, but it is essential to helping lower our carbon footprint. With many great transport links across the country, if possible, why not get public transport to your destination? This can often be less stressful than driving, as you don’t need to worry about directions or traffic. Research show that 80-90% of air pollution and greenhouse gases are caused by fuel emissions, which are inevitably contributing to global warming.  Walking and cycling are great ways to travel that cause no emissions and will also help to improve your physical and mental health in the process.

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