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Brooke Hogan hopped on her Instagram page for a rare glimpse of her hot bikini body. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect.com/BirdieThompson/Admedia

Brooke Hogan offered a super rare glimpse of her fit physique and hot bikini body as she sizzled in a pink two-piece.

Sharing the summer-worthy snap with her 385,000 Instagram followers, Brooke made sure to join in on the celebrity trend of showing off their swimsuit bodies by stealing the spotlight in a bubblegum-pink bikini.

Brooke Hogan in pink bikini for first swimsuit snap in almost two months

Looking stunning in her pastel bikini top, Brooke gave a dazzlingly-white smile for the camera while putting her upper half on view for all of her fans to enjoy.

Teasing followers with an eye-candy shot and the caption, “What’s up, beach?” the multi-talented star, 34, exhibited some toned, washboard abs and a sparkling belly button ring that shone against her tanned skin.

With her long, blonde hair loose and down, Brooke playfully teased her locks by entwining her fingers into strands of hair, pulling one cascade of tresses out to the side of her face while her other arm curved up and around the back of her head.

The bikini top allowed generous cleavage as the spaghetti-style straps disappeared at her neckline, fading away underneath the loose hair strands that lightly fell over her decollete.

Brooke Hogan opened up about her family drama

The model and former wrestler sat down for a chat with Hollywood Raw Podcast hosts Dax Holt and Adam Glyn last year to discuss some details about her past and shed light on some drama that encircled her family not long ago.

As reported by OK! magazine, Brooke revealed that she suffered from some financial lows and once had to get a job as a waitress to pay the rent.

“Nobody knows this at all, you guys are probably the first people I’ve told, I actually went and I waited tables at the JW Marriott and I was a cocktail server,” Brooke told the hosts. “I will tell you and I tell everybody this, I had the best time of my life doing that.”

Brooke said that she never wanted to have to go to her famous wrestler father, Hulk Hogan, for help. She wanted to prove to herself that she could make it without using the family fortune. She also wanted to give her dad a break following some heavy media scrutiny he was under several years ago.

The star found himself in some hot water after a video of him having a sexual encounter with his now-ex-wife Linda’s friend was leaked to the public and published by Gawker.

Hulk was later awarded a stunning $115 million in damages as the wrestler claimed he did not know that such a video existed and took the matter to court.

“Our family has been through a lot of crap and I will say, my dad, despite … It’s hard to have all your skeletons pulled out of your closet and just waved in front of everybody’s face and humiliated to the world and then our family just go through all this stuff,” Brooke told the podcast hosts.

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