Amy took Candace’s side in her recent feud with JoJo Siwa. Pic credit: @amyjroloff and @candacecbure/Instagram

Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff took a stance in the recent feud between actress Candace Cameron Bure and performer JoJo Siwa.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Candace found herself in the middle of some shade thrown at her by dancer and YouTuber, JoJo.

According to JoJo, Candace was deemed the “rudest” celebrity she’d ever met for denying a then-11-year-old JoJo a photo with her during the Fuller House premiere, claiming that she took photos with other kids while leaving JoJo waiting on the sidelines.

Candace has found support from other Hollywood A-listers, including actress Tori Spelling, who called Candace “an inspiration” for the way she handled the controversy between herself and the 19-year-old former Dance Moms star.

Now, Candace has found support from yet another famous face, LPBW star Amy Roloff.

Candace took to her Instagram to record a video from her car, explaining the details of the “JoJo situation.”

LPBW star Amy Roloff takes sides in Candace Bure, JoJo Siwa controversy

In the comments section, Amy showed up to express her views on the drama.

“Candace. I so agree,” Amy told the Fuller House star, adding that she’s been in similar situations where she didn’t have time to address every fan during events. “It’s too bad something like that had to show up on tic tok. I don’t get that nearly like you may but sometimes when we’re in our element, working, in public, out with friends, family… we may not be able to stop for every single person.”

Amy continued, adding that she enjoys meeting fans and interacting with them but that it’s unrealistic to expect that she has time for every fan’s requests.

“We do our best. Like you, I so enjoy meeting others, hearing their stories, taking photos… sometimes there’s just not enough time to take a moment for everyone and We don’t intentionally not do it. It happens though,” Amy added.

The LPBW star concluded her comment, “I have a harder time when I’m with others or my friends and someone will Interrupt and expect we drop whatever we are doing or saying to others for them instead of just waiting a few moments so I have more time to chat with them. All of us impact others with our words and actions and we do our best.”

amy roloff shows support for candace cameron on her IG post
Pic credit: @candacecbure/Instagram

Amy was met with plenty of support, her comment receiving 717 Likes, and affirmation from her daughter-in-law, Tori Roloff, who is married to Amy’s son, Zach Roloff.

Tori replied to Amy’s comment, “@amyjroloff oh hi MIL!!! we both love her!! Haha 🤗.”

Amy loves to interact with her LPBW fans

Speaking of encounters with fans, Amy recently shared one she experienced while at the grocery store. Taking to her Instagram Stories, Amy recounted one of her former preschool student’s moms approaching her and updating her on her daughter.

The moment touched Amy, and she used the positive interaction to infuse some positivity into her fans’ lives, telling them, “It just… it just kind of made my day! So, with that, I hope you all have a good day today!”

Little People, Big World is currently on hiatus.


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