Rachael Kirkconnell says she has one timeline for Matt James. Pic credit: @rachaelkirkconnell/Instagram

Rachael Kirkconnell and Matt James have had a rocky past starting during the filming of The Bachelor until it aired.

However, despite their hardships and the obstacles they have had to overcome, Matt and Rachael are thriving in their relationship, nowadays

In fact, they met over a year ago already and have spent their time together traveling, laughing, making memories, pulling pranks, and continuing with their social media influencer gigs.

While Bachelor Nation fans have been inquiring about whether there will be a proposal in the near future, both Matt and Rachael have their own thoughts on that topic.

Right now, the duo is having fun together, and they currently have no timeline for getting engaged and married.

However, according to Rachael, she does have a timeline on one subject when it comes to their future together.

Rachael Kirkconnell has one timeline in mind and that’s it

During an exclusive joint interview with Us Weekly, Rachael touched on the fact that Bachelor Nation wants her and Matt to get engaged. She stated, “I think we understand where they come from because, obviously, we came off of a show that expects an engagement at the end of it and whatnot.”

She went on to say, “So now it hasn’t gone anywhere, of course, because they’ve expected it since day one. So I think at this point, we’re just kind of used to it because like I said, they’ve just been expecting it for the entirety of our relationship. I don’t think it really affects us anymore – or it really ever did.”

Rachael then laughed and claimed, “The only timeline I give him is I was like, ‘I gotta have kids before, you know, I can’t have kids.’ So keep that in mind.”

Matt and Rachael have an ongoing prank war going on

As viewers have followed the couple via Instagram and other social media outlets, they may know that the twosome has a prank war going on.

Since one video of Matt pushing Rachael into a pool while on vacation in Europe went viral, it’s been on.

When asked during the interview about it, Matt declared, “The prank wars have just begun. I think I’m due for, like, some[thing] really bad. I know it’s coming and I’m just sleeping with one eye open and cautiously turning every corner.”

Rachael piped up and added, “Here’s the thing – obviously, he knows it’s coming [so] I’ve got a strike whenever he really thinks, like, it’s not gonna happen anymore. I’m playing the long chess game, but it’ll happen.”

As Matt and Rachael continue to flourish in their relationship, fans can’t wait until they take the next step. However, Bachelor Nation is just happy that they are happy at this point.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.


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