Selena Gomez showed off her curves as she slammed body-shamers claiming she won’t suck in her stomach. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect/ImagePressAgency

Selena Gomez has been criticized for her fluctuating weight in the last few years and is showing body shamers that she is done with it.

The Love You Like a Love Song singer has been on vacation, reportedly lounging on a yacht in Positano, Italy, and has shared videos from the location, proving to online trolls that she is not about to stop living her life, even if they criticize her physique.

Selena shared a video in which she was seen lying on a boat in a blue and red one-piece swimsuit with a halter neck and low-cut that emphasized her ample chest.

In the Tik Tok clip, Selena mouthed the words to a sound that said, “Suck it in,” with her responding, “I’m not sucking s**t in.”

In the clip sound, someone said “why?” and she mouthed the words, “Real stomachs is coming the f**k back.”

She sat on the boat with mountains and water visible in the background as well as an American flag. Her hair was tied back in a low bun and she went makeup-free.

The clip received 1.4 million hearts, and she captioned it, “Vaca self.”

Selena Gomez slammed body shamers while showing her curves in a swimsuit

In an earlier clip, from the same vacation and boat, Selena wore a black, one-piece swimsuit with spaghetti straps and a high bottom that emphasized her curvy hips.

Her hair was wet and slicked back into a bun, and she wore a bit of makeup as well as gold hoop earrings. She sprayed her face with a mist and mouthed the words over a sound that said, “Also, what part of my face says talk to me. None, absolutely none.”

She confidently put on a pair of black sunglasses in the process, showing her critics she could care less what they think.

Selena Gomez talked weight fluctuations in a Vogue video

Selena spoke about her weight in a Vogue video last year, breaking down 15 of her past outfits. When it came to her 2015 Met Gala ensemble, Selena admitted that she didn’t feel good about herself that night.

In the video, she said, “I fluctuate a lot with my weight. And I remember this night specifically, I didn’t feel good about my body,” she said. “So what was really amazing was that I actually got a chance to work on the dress that fit my body.”

She continued, “I think that we came together and built something really beautiful and something that fit me really well. That was one of the moments where I was like, ‘I don’t have to be that 19-year-old body shape anymore, because I’m not.’”

Selena Gomez claimed she’s perfect the way she is

Back in April, Selena showed she had not a care in the world when it came to opinions on her body, speaking on Tik Tok stories.

She said, “I try to stay skinny but I went to jack-in-the-box and I got four tacos, three egg rolls, onion rings and a spicy chicken sandwich. B***h, I am perfect the way I am.”


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