The New Rich: How to Live, Flourish and Make Money in a Digital World


So you’re rich, are you? Or at least you’d like to be?

Rich is a term that in the past just meant one thing: “Money”.

We thought that more money made us happy. And up to a certain threshold, it does. But once we have a roof over our head, food on the table and some spending money, its benefits diminish. 

The new rich is more about people that have true wealth. 

What’s true wealth, you ask? 

I will give you a definition you may not find in Webster’s Dictionary.

Do what you enjoy while earning enough money to pay for life, achieve independence and maybe even travel and have an adventure.”

It is not a utopia, as you will have to work and navigate an uncertain future and be on the edge of discomfort. And change has a price.

The easiest way to discover it is with a low-risk strategy. Start a side hustle before you leap into the void of a main hustle (more about this later).

So what is true wealth? 

  • Being happy 
  • Fulfilled 
  • Independent 
  • On purpose
  • Following your calling

True wealth is about all round “well-being” and flourishing. At least that definition makes more sense to me. 

And the fast-changing digital world is a two-edged sword. It has brought us more “money” and provided us with technologies and tools that have made life easier. Still, the modern pace of life and distractions tests our abilities to adapt and manage the increased complexity and stress.

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