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Today I will tell you how to rank a blog or article on Google Articles or blogs can be easily ranked in Google by following a few steps If you are a new blogger, you must work for a while There is a rule in every subject that you cannot start earning from your blog in a hurry . If you want to rank your article or blog, then you must continue to work hard and try. It is very easy to rank in Google by writing an article on a good topic. How to rank a blog or article in Google is discussed in detail below.

Keyword research

Learn about the keyword that your article is based. on the keyword, search competition online through various keyword research tools (such as: Google keyword tools, keyword everywhere,, etc.).


It is better not to work with low competition keywords. Always try to work with keywords that have good search volume (such as: online income, health and fitness, etc.). Because high search volume keyword articles have higher Google Adsense CPC.


(This only applies to article writing. In the case of websites, try to create a website with low competition keywords. By doing this, you will find your website first by searching.)

Use of keywords in articles

Do keyword research first on the topic of your article. Then, if the amount of keyword research is high, mention that keyword repeatedly in your article.


Mention that keyword in article, do not use any kind of tag unnecessarily.


 Use of premium domains

Always use the premium domain of the website (eg: .com, .net, .edu, .org etc.). Do not work with free domains or any other domain. This can reduce the ranking of your site.



Make backlinks

Try to get backlinks from popular websites for your website or websites that have more visitors.


There is also a post on your website that is related to one of the articles in your current article. Then you will embed the link of the previous post with this writing. This will also increase the visitors to your post.


It is best to work with Du follow backlinks. This will allow digital access to your website from that website, and increase your website’s ranking. Ways to rank blogs or articles on Google


On page SEO

Do on page SEO for every article on your website. Write each article in such a way that it must be SEO friendly. Be sure to use tags in the post.


Try to follow the topic of your post again and again.


Creating valuable content

Try to work with the content that searches volume more on Google or search engine.


It is better not to work with unnecessary low search volume keywords.


Use of tags

Use the subject tags in the title, post, and description of your article on the topic on which your article is based.



Content language determination

Many of you may not know that Bangla to English content ranks very quickly. Suppose a Bengali language post ranks in 10 days, then English language post will rank in only three days. (For example)


So if you have experience in English, I would say try to work with English content. Then inshallah you will get success in less time.


Last word on the article

Last but not least, the headline made you read this article. This will increase the chances of your post being ranked by Google.


I hope today’s post will be useful to you. If you like this article, please visit other articles in our website. It may help you to learn many things. Remember on thing-

At first learn, and then remove “l” from it.

Thanks everyone.

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